Bauscher HARD porcelain for professionals

Bauscher HARD porcelain for professionals.
Hard porcelain - hygienically safe to use

Folowing the hygiene standards plays a vital role in the hotel industry, gastronomy and communal catering. It is a topic that comes even more to the fore in the time of Covid19.

Hard porcelain is the first choice precisely for the following product properties:

- as a result of the high firing temperature above 1,400°C, an extremely hard, non-stick glaze with a long service life is created.
  Advantage: high abrasion resistance compared to vitro porcelain, bone china and earthenware.

- hard porcelain has an absolutely closed surface and extremely low porosity compared to earthenware and ceramics.
  Advantage: a very smooth surface from which possible deposits of mold and bacteria can be easily removed, which, on the other hand,
  they can settle in porous materials.

- hard porcelain has minimal thermal conductivity, which allows it to maintain thermal stability for a longer period of time.
  Advantage: porcelain dishes keep food warm longer and thus prevent the formation of temperature-sensitive viruses that
  it spreads faster at lower temperatures.

- hard porcelain is both in white and decorated, highly durable in dishwashers.
  Advantage: after the end of the washing cycle, the porcelain dishes are hygienically safe for further use.