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Hatch repairs
Hatch Repair Center

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Modletice u Prahy
Division management and sales warehouse

Za Stodolou 20

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Company MB S V I N G, s.r.o. was founded in 1990 by Ing. Jiří Svoboda and Ing. Zdeněk Krchov with two other main partners Ing. Ondřej Svoboda and Ing. Tomáš Krchov. The company has developed its activities into 4 spheres of business, which today form the basis of the company's commodity division into divisions:
The Drainage Systems Division has been a part of MB-SVING s.r.o. since 1999. and is known as a long-term supplier of various elements of sewer cover cast iron to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It started its activities in the early 90's of the last century, then still as SVING - HYDROTEC s.r.o. Thanks to the activities of the division, MB-SVING s.r.o. a leading position in our market in the area of supplies of cast iron sewer manhole covers, street drain gratings and cast iron water manhole covers. From the beginning, they have also been an integral part of the activities of the drainage system of the drainage gutter system of HYDROTEC Technologies AG.